Sunday, December 17, 2006

The "Shambles" memo

Todays Daily Mail has the wonderful story about a leaked downing street memo. Basically suggesting that labour is slowly losing ground to the Tories. It pulls no punches in allocating the blame for this to Gordon Brown.

The key point in the story of me is the line "The memo, written in the past few weeks", this line heavily buried in the story indicates that the memo itself is a few weeks old. Removing the memo from it's original context makes it hard to really judge why it was originally written.

Curously absent from the news and the blogosphere are:

  • The full text of the memo
  • The confirmed identity of the author (Citizen Dale reckons Phillip Gould, commenters on his blog suggest that he does use the kind of hysterical language found in the memo)
  • When it was written (A few weeks is more than just a tad vague)
  • When it was leaked
  • Who leaked it
Sadly non absent are the shouts of glee from right wing bloggers. Let them shout I say, if a Tory paper publishing some outdated government memo really rocks their boat. Who am I to stand in their way? Let's save our big clunking fists for stories that actually matter.

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