Monday, January 29, 2007

An important point from yesterday's interview with the Prime Minister

Although yesterdays interview with the prime minister on the Politics Show could have been describes as something of an unenthusiastic performance, I feel that one particular point was made very well and could do with being repeated.
TONY BLAIR: We've built twenty thousand extra and we've got another eight thousand coming. But you've also got a situation, where today, people are in prison for longer and you've got of course the new indeterminate sentences where people can be kept in for indeterminate period, if they remain a danger to the public. Now I'm not saying that there haven't been big problems in the Home Office, but let's be clear, some of these things like foreign prisoners, or these offences that have been committed abroad by British people who then return back home, the reason we're dealing with these now is that for the first time there is a system in place to deal with them. You take asylum, right, when we came to office, it - the backlog of asylum claims was over 50,000. It took eighteen months to process a claim.

We removed one in five of failed asylum seekers. Today, you've got the backlog down to a few thousand, it takes most claims are actually done within two months and for the first time we're actually removing more unfounded claims than we're taking in.
I think the message is clear, the Tories made a hash of the Home Office when they were in power. When the Tories throw their accusations at John Reid and the Labour government it is worth remembering the state it was in in 1997. The Tories really are the last people to be telling us how to run the home office.

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