Thursday, January 04, 2007

The racist card..

Yesterday there was something of an online disagreement on the blog of PragueTory, a Tory Blogger who I actually quite like (so far, anyway). It revolved around the campaign of John McDonnell and suggesting that some of his policies bore a similar resemblance to those of another far more distasteful party.

Antonia Bance and Don Paskini, were somewhat irritated at the original post. Prague Tory later issued something that could be considered an apology. He stands by the idea that that there is some overlap, I agree and don't think it's that all that surprising. A political party needs to have policies to address all the issues facing the country, not all of it's policies follow a racist agenda. What the BNP is that when you scratch below the surface, it reveals a far more sinister, far more hateful set of opinions. In conclusion then, John McDonnell is most certainly not a racist, there is nothing sinister about his policies.

I dislike engaging in this kind of politics, although there was never any direct association made between John McDonnell and the BNP, it could have been implied that there was. The point is noted that both sides can engage in this kind of politics, those us on the left have been lucky that the BNP's politics have often been referred to as the "far right".

I believe the message is clear, we shouldn't engage in this kind of politics, if we do, we can expect it to bite us on the arse.

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Praguetory said...

Citizen Andreas is a blogger I like (no qualification). Just a bit bemused about his stance on ID cards.