Monday, January 22, 2007

Splitting the Home Office

John Reid has announced plans to split of the home office into separate entities, one handling Security issues (terrorism, policing and immigration), the other handling the justice system (prisons, probation, courts etc).

As someone who has been the victim of botched restructurings, with the accompanying structural diagrams, I have a healthy amount of cynicism about such ideas. An explicit separation such as this is likely to weaken communication links accross the divide (between Justice and Sercurity). The important thing to consider is how much communication across this divide occurs and whether the strategic advantages of a smaller, easier to manage department offset these communications difficulties.

My worry is that this plan, rather then being designed to do something about the problems at the home office is actually designed more to simply look like something is being done. I have an intense dislike of the media dictating the Home Office's agenda, and I hope this planned reform is not simply for the benefit of the media.

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Jim Jay said...

I still don't understand how splitting the police from the courts makes things more logical and easier to run.