Thursday, March 15, 2007

The wonderful world of the blogosphere..

My first blog post for a while (sadly this citizen has been rather busy with matters of a little more import than blogging) concerns the subject of bloggers on bloggers. Not my usual fare, but this citizen feels the odd indulgence is permissible. He also played a very minor role in the ensuing chaos.

It all concerns the tory boy known as Dizzy and a little spat he had with Tim Ireland, after a rather heated comments exchange Tim masterfully took him to task here. Dizzy opted for the "wooden spoon" defense, maybe he was, either way one can conclude that either:

A) Dizzy was rumbled and as an excuse made out that he was merely being a sadistic wind up merchant.

B) Dizzy is a sadistic wind up merchant

Either way, it is safe to heed Tim's words:
"Any time you see Dizzy comment or post on any given subject, you know that you can deploy the 'partisan hypocrite' filter with confidence. You are also aware that any anonymous comment in support of Dizzy or his case should be regarded with suspicion."
That is all...

citizenandreas [at] slick47 [dot] co [dot] uk


dizzy said...

Wind-up merchant yes, sadistic no. There is nothing cruel about winding up Tim Ireland. It was he who chose to play with fire after all, he didn't gamble on me even though i warned him. Oh well.

Citizen Andreas said...

So your saying that you really didn't enjoy the whole affair? I severly doubt that.

However, if you like I'll add a caveat suggesting that the sadistic aspect merely applies to dealing with the likes of Tim Ireland.

Guido 2.0 said...

Oh, get over yourself, Dizzy.

You're a fool if you think anyone really believes that you *wanted* to be outed as a user and abuser of sock-puppets.

It's not far from falling flat on your face and declaring; "That didn't hurt!" and/or "I meant to do that!"

dizzy said...

hahaha you just don't get it do you Lassie. You've not exposed anything you big tit! You've simply followed the path I set you on.


Now, do you want another bonio or should I hold it back until the next time I play you again?

dizzy said...

So your saying that you really didn't enjoy the whole affair?

Oh I enjoyed it.. immensely actually.. but sadism is about enjoying cruelty, not enjoyment per se. I was anything but cruel to Lassie, actually I was quite mild.

The funniest thing of course is Lassie doesn't seem to realise how tremendously predictable he is.

Tim Ireland Too said...

Hello, hello, hello.