Saturday, July 14, 2007

On the importance of a 50-50 male female balance...

At the pub a few weeks ago, I was explaining to a few non political friends about the idea of all woman shortlists and how they tend to stir up a lot of debatewithin the Labour party. An argument I had trouble answering is why we should be striving to attain a 50-50 male female balance in parliament. My friend asked why achieveing this was anything more than a marketing exercise for the party.

Last nights General Comittee meeting gave me a clear example of why the balance is needed. It came with discussion on Baroness Hollis' amendment to the pensions bill, allowing people to buy back up to nine years lost National Insurance contributions. The main beneficiaries of such an amendment would be women who are more likely to have gaps in their contribution records.

This is an issue that affects mainly women, but will be decided by a parliament and an upper house both composed mainly of men. In answer to my friend at the pub. Achieving a 50-50 balance is more than just a marketing exercise because those who do the job of an MP have a say in the issues that affect everyone and those who make the decisions on these issues should also have an understanding of them.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Money for old rope, pt94. Stealing Corporation Tax

This Citizen has a capitalist streak meaning that he quite fancies the idea of making large amounts of money. His chosen method is through the creation of innovative software that enables organisations to conduct their existing business in more efficient manner. He is dissapointed to learn that there is a far easier way to make a big pile of cash.

1. Pick a large, reasonably profitable company
2. Borrow a very large amount of money in order to buy said company.
3. Buy the company, take a little cut for yourself just a few million or so for your "profesional services".
4. Transfer your newly aquired debts to your newly aquired company.
5. Offset the the interest payments against your new company's profits
6. Voila, with interest payments reducing your company's profits, the company pays far less corporation tax. Your creditors get their interest, you keep your fat bonus and the Treasury is left feeling empty and hollow.

Inspired by Pemira

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Alan Johnston released

Good news for all concerned I feel...

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