Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Daily Mail on PCSO's

The mail recently had the story "PCSOs 'solve crime every six years", it's a fine example of the fact that when it comes to the Daily Mail, we just can't bloody well win. For years we have heard calls for "more bobbies on the beat" the government come back with Polics Community Support Officers as a solution.

As far as I can tell, these officers do exactly what you would expect from a bobby on the beat, patrol the streets, providing a visible police presence to reassure local residents. Now it appears the Mail is jumping on unfavourable statistics. Statistics it's all to happy to discredit when convenient.

Police out on foot patrol don't tend to detect crimes going on since most people on seeing a police officer or similar don't commit crimes. Thats just common sense, the effect of police officers on patrol is something that can't easily be measured. So it's not surprising that the statistics don't show very much.

Surely the fact that PCSO's are walking through crime free streets is a good thing though.


tim cousins said...

Andrea thanks for your support
As a PCSO. We feel very much under attack.
The daily Mail along with the police federation do all they can to undermine PCSOs

I like many officers up and down the UK do a job we enjoy; we see daily the difference that we make.
Police work is not all blues and twos
It’s about eyes and ears winning trust
Spending time working with the community.

Matt, Sheffield said...

I had a problem a few years ago with kids entering the stairwell of the flats I was living in and causing trouble, noise, graffity and dealing drugs. The police did nothing, didn't care and always went on "well I can't see any evidence of a crime". Six months ringing 999 and every other number, building up a list of events, and all for nothing. Then a PCSO was appointed to the area. She went round to the houses of the kids, had a word with them, and...the problem stopped.

Why didn't the police just do that like I asked? Too busy, was all I was told.

PCSOs are a great addition to this country. They do the things the police themselves can not be bothered to do or consider beneath them. And I wish the police would stop moaning about them. My message is "if you don't want to do something yourself, then delegate to those that do".

Daily Mail editors probably live in big houses in nice areas with no anti-social behaviour so they can shove their opinions up their arses.

PCSO Bloggs said...

Top blog!

I discussed this too, here :-