Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Distinct lack of Balance

My opinion on this whole Phillip Lawrenct/Learco Chindamo business was forged by Chris Paul's excellent fisk of Iain Dale, the fact that Mr Chindamo was only 5 years old when he came to Britain swung it in his favour. Mr Chindamo is likely have barely any memory of Italy, it is only his home by a legal technicality.

What is bugging me though, is the lack of coverage the mainstream media has given to this fact, I've sat through the Radio 4 6'O'Clock news, and ITV news parading a number of it's citizen journalists giving their both barrels opinion on the human rights act. All the while I've heard no one even mention the fact that this man was only five years old when he came to this country. The omission of this fact has seriously distorted the coverage of the subject in the mainstream media.

I hate to accuse the BBC of bias, I really think the coverage they've provided could have made more light of this fact.

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Chris Paul said...

Thanks for the link Andreas. The MSM, that Iain is often so agitated about, are messing this up good style. The case rests not on the HRA - which is virtually irrelevant - but primarily on EU Treaties first formed around 30 years ago which allow free movement and equal treatment etc of citizens from all member states - unless they are a real and present and serious danger (in which case they would not be given parole under licence). The European Convention on Human Rights comes next in the pecking order but still relatively unimportant. The HRA is nowhere. But it seems to only take one mention from some rabif hack or journo for this to take over the whole consciousness. Tonight on C4 News for example although Krishnan was informed several times that the HRA was not significant he continued to run his script as if this had not been pointed out.

And Jack Straw was EXCELLENT I thought on the separation of powers and indeed reasonable on the issue of the bambino from a broken home and the wild streets of Tory Britain.