Saturday, August 18, 2007

We Can’t Turn Them Away

I suspect that few people haven't heard of this campaign by now, but it is one that deserves our support. Des Brown has said that there are 20,000 Iraqi's who have worked for our armed forces at some point, but among those there are those who are seriously at risk, interpreters being one particularly high risk group. As Idiots4Labour observed, interpreters are not the only people at risk but what matters here is not the colour of the collar, but the danger these people face. There are Iraqi's who are seriuously at risk and as the campaign says, we can't turn them away.

I penned a letter along these lines to Charles Clarke (my MP) last weekend. No response yet, but I'll be sure to post my repsonse when I get it.

In case people didn't know, there's a big list of supporters (courtesy of Tim Ireland) here, and some nicely constructed banners, courtesy of Unity here.

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Dan Hardie said...

Great post, Andreas, and thanks for putting the button up. When you do get a reply, can you please blog it and let me know, or email it to me, or leave it in comments at Chicken Yoghurt? It's vital that we keep track of replies so that we can knock down any anti-aslyum talking points, and also identify sympathetic MPs for lobbying. My email address is and anyone with any queries about the campaign, or any news from MPs or similar, is welcome to use it.