Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We just think it's bad because we've read 1984...

A friend of mine who, for his sins, supports the Lib Dems recently said to me "I oppose ID cards on principle". Henry Porter, self appointed defender of civil liberties also acts as if his arguments are based on some fundamental principle that the government is violating.

I take objection to the idea that you can oppose ID cards on principle.

In order for objection to something on principle, there needs to be a clear rule that is broken. There really doesn't seem to be a clear that rule the government's ID card system violates.

In truth, the argument against ID cards is a simple slippery slope argument. There is nothing unprecendented or fundamental about it, people who use those terms are simply trying to mislead, and that ladies and gents is the root of my dislike for Henry Porter.

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