Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh my god, it's full of trolls...

Labourhome has in recent weeks been deluged with an influx of Tories giving us their two cents, whether we like it or not. I don't like Tories pissing in our pool, but I'm willing to hold back my instincts for childish abuse if:
  • You do not mention the sale of gold reserves
  • You don't raise the old "Gordon he wasn't elected dont'cha know" chestnut.
  • You talk about "stealth taxes" without providing a specific example.You accuse Gordon of increasing fuel prices (As snowflake5 shows, we're not guilty)
  • You don't indulge in any "who believes statistics" nonsense
  • You don't use the terms "Nu-labour" or "Bliar"
That's all for now, more might be added, suggestions welcome.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goin' Nuclear...

I stumbled across an interesting link to an Oxford debate on nuclear power on Rupert Read's blog the other day. From where I'm standing, Sir David is winning the debate. I added the following.

A big problem I have with the Dr Boardman's arguments is that it seems to
putting clear plan of action against a set of vague notions.

Sir David's idea is clear, we build new nuclear power stations, we reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and get a clear result of reduction in carbon emissions.

Dr Boardman's proposals are far less clear, taking into account lifestyle changes
and the options she identifies we could achieve some reduction in catbon
emissions. It would be hard to say just how much though. There is also the
question as to why these options have to be an alternative rather than a
complement to nuclear power.
The big problem is the debate is pitting an uncomfortable idea that we can implement straight away, against a set of far more palatable, but far harder to quantify ideas. Given the urgency in this matter, I think it's time to take the option that we can be sure will work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Campaigning Tactics in Crewe & Nanwich

From Iain Dale:

Now comes the naughty bit - I like to think of it as a little white lie for the greater good - because when Tamsin came to the bar to check how long her food order would be I took the opportunity of introducing myself – just with one exception – I told her I was a Labour supporter just arrived in Crewe and would be helping her (when quite the opposite is true) the following day (Sunday). Because of my lie Tamsin asked me if I would like to join her and her family on the table and sure enough I did just that.

Clearly for all the Tory howls about Labour's dirty campaigning, it's clear that we certainly don't have a monopoly.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The whole 10p tax thing..

Haven't said much about this probably should, it's been sorted and that's the important thing. I do however stand by the following:
  • That it will create more paperwork when the tax codes change
  • That the coverage in the media about it was a bit over the top
  • That Labour's record for helping the less well off is a very good one above and beyond thiss fuss about the income tax threshold.

Monday, May 12, 2008

You're not doing it right...

The Crewe and Nantwich by-election has got Labour people a more than a little upset at some of the campaign material. A big theme that appears to be developing is that the toff label just doesnt stick any more.

It's true, but not completely. It's not right to go "'ere, look at the bloody toff", that's making a direct appeal to predjudice. What you want to look at is what the toff stands for, and unless I've misjudged the Conservative party, it's opportunity, standing on your own two feet and such.

So, to that end I have a question:

What gives you, someone who has had every advantage in life, who has never needed any help from the government the right to tell the rest of us that the government should butt out of our lives?

Because as far as I can tell the, one of the Conservatives main messages appears to be:

It's ok for daddy to pay, but not the government.

The Left wing blogosphere is crap because...

It doesn't follow Iain Dale's agenda of choice apparently...

Thanks to Iain Dale for that bit of insight, thanks to Tim for pointing it out.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Luke Akehurst draws the wrong conclusions

Luke Akehurst is concluding that Ken's electoral failure in London is due to a failure to appeal outside Zone 1, a failure to triangulate and appeal to a broader audience. I think this is the wrong lesson to learn.

If we compare the mayoral elections to the local elections, I think we can draw the opposite conclusion. A national Labour party that has triangulated heavily was completely crushed, a London mayor with a clear position to the left of the national party was narrowly defeated.

The lesson to learn, in my view is that triangulation has it's limits. Any attempt to move further into the centre will give diminishing returns. Our core voters feel largely neglected and what's needed is that we send a clear message that Labour has not abandoned it's values.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Norwich City Council, a disappointment for Labour, worse for the Lib Dems

Not the best of night's for Labour in Norwich, although it certainly looks like we fared better than in some parts of the country. For an account from a (not surprisingly) smug Tory, go here. For accounts from a smug Green, I'm sure something will appear here in due course.

Overall results are..
Bowthorpe: Conservative gain from Labour
Catton Grove: Conservative gain from Labour
Crome: Labour hold
Eaton: Lib Dem hold
Lakenham: Lib Dem hold
Mancroft: Green gain from Lib Dem
Mile Cross: Labour gain from Lib Dem
Nelson: Green hold
Sewell: Labour hold
Thorpe Hamlet: Green gain from Lib Dem
Town Close: Green gain from Lib Dem
University: Labour gain from Lib Dem
Wensum: Green hold

What's interesting is the collapse of the Lib Dem vote, in many wards, the Lib Dems have dropped from second to third or in the case of University, fourth place.

Main disappointments for me were:
  • Losing our councillors Brenda Ferris in Bowthorpe and Julie Westmacott in Catton Grove. both have been very good longstanding councillors.
  • Our failure to take Lakenham, we'd put in a lot of hard work and had an excellent team, our committee room on the day had a fantastic atmosphere.
  • My result in Town Close, the Labour vote held up, but I'd have preferred to have seen an upward trend.
  • The fact that Lib Dem Judith Lubbock retains her seat.
Finally, we come to the Greens, a miscount of 1,000 votes in Nelson led us to believe that perhaps the Green electoral juggernaut had finally run our of steam, alas it was not to be. Personally I'm very worried by the Greens, I feel that some of their policies are seriously wrong and that's something I intend to make clear in Town Close over the next year.

A return to blogging...

Now that I'm embroiled in the wonderful world of Norwich's politics, I think a return to blogging is in order. I'd been holding off until after the campaign.

Summary on the Norwich City Council elections to follow.