Friday, May 02, 2008

Norwich City Council, a disappointment for Labour, worse for the Lib Dems

Not the best of night's for Labour in Norwich, although it certainly looks like we fared better than in some parts of the country. For an account from a (not surprisingly) smug Tory, go here. For accounts from a smug Green, I'm sure something will appear here in due course.

Overall results are..
Bowthorpe: Conservative gain from Labour
Catton Grove: Conservative gain from Labour
Crome: Labour hold
Eaton: Lib Dem hold
Lakenham: Lib Dem hold
Mancroft: Green gain from Lib Dem
Mile Cross: Labour gain from Lib Dem
Nelson: Green hold
Sewell: Labour hold
Thorpe Hamlet: Green gain from Lib Dem
Town Close: Green gain from Lib Dem
University: Labour gain from Lib Dem
Wensum: Green hold

What's interesting is the collapse of the Lib Dem vote, in many wards, the Lib Dems have dropped from second to third or in the case of University, fourth place.

Main disappointments for me were:
  • Losing our councillors Brenda Ferris in Bowthorpe and Julie Westmacott in Catton Grove. both have been very good longstanding councillors.
  • Our failure to take Lakenham, we'd put in a lot of hard work and had an excellent team, our committee room on the day had a fantastic atmosphere.
  • My result in Town Close, the Labour vote held up, but I'd have preferred to have seen an upward trend.
  • The fact that Lib Dem Judith Lubbock retains her seat.
Finally, we come to the Greens, a miscount of 1,000 votes in Nelson led us to believe that perhaps the Green electoral juggernaut had finally run our of steam, alas it was not to be. Personally I'm very worried by the Greens, I feel that some of their policies are seriously wrong and that's something I intend to make clear in Town Close over the next year.

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