Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it really that big a disaster?

Over on Libcon, Sunny is not particularly happy about the government winning the 42 days vote. I didn't think the 42 days thing was a particularly good idea myself, but I can't help thinking that the LibCon crowd are overreacting.

One arbitary length of time has been replaced with another two weeks longer but with a whole bunch of conditions attached. In addition, it seems that any further attempts to push these limits are unlikely to succeed.

Although I despise the endless "fundamental liberties" cliches that get brought up with this subject, I think it's important these changes aren't taken lightly. There is always the risk of a mistake, and six weeks is a serious chunk of someone's life to take away for no reason.

And while we're on the subject..
David Davis' resignation is a stunt and nothing more.

Update: And his resignation speech is worthy of Henry Porter, Magna Carta x 2, fundamental freedom x 2, database state x 1.

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