Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some things I just can't leave alone...

Great big rant on why "liberal economics" is a load of rubbish is currently in the pipeline. For now, I've noticed a post with one of those silly "ooh look at me I made a cunning point ID cards at the expense of a Labour party member" blog posts and I just can't leave it alone. I get annoyed by people thinking they are being frightfully clever when in fact they are being horribly stupid.

The story goes like this...

At the weekend an unpleasant [Mark Steyn]* at the Times wrote a not very nice article about working on the campaign trail for Labour in Glasgow. He explained that the campaign HQ was dingy (that's actually pretty normal), he's also explains that he wasn't asked for any kind of identification (a willingness to give up the day to knock on doors and deliver leaflets is generally a sign of a comrade).

Anyway scottish activist Kezia Dugdale, who encountered said journalist on the campaign trail was more than a little annoyed that the journalist left out details, misled people and generally wrote an altogether questionable bit of journalism.

One thing she said was:

He then writes in his Sunday Times article that he was never once asked whether he was a party member (lies) and that Labour can’t afford to be choosy about who campaigns for them (why would you?).He goes one to complain that he was never once asked for his Party card.

Is he inferring that when you rock up for a free curry at the SNP campaign centre you must produce your campaign card first? If so, that only cements the suspicious angry and resentful image that most snp activists are (unfairly) plagued by...

But I tell you something for nothing, it will be an incredibly sad day if you ever have to do that in the Labour party because we still believe people do things in good faith and for a common purpose. If the day ever comes that you’re viewed suspiciously for offering your own time and help, it will only be because too many people have been stung by the pathetic acts of journalists like Brendan Perring. A living breathing example of why the Sunday Times should have fewer supplements.

At which point LJ blogger loveandgarbage launches into full on smug mode.

And I thought, you know how this should be resolved? The Labour party should support the introduction of a little card that has someone's identity on it so that an attendee at a Labour party group could use this to establish his identity. That way fraudsters and rogues would be caught out and this sort of embarrassment avoided.

But, of course, if it's not good enough to use within the Labour party then clearly a little card with our identity emblazoned on it shouldn't be imposed on the rest of us.

Our smug blogger is commiting the sin of hyperbole, a favourite among civil liberties types. The introduction of an ID card system, is not the same thing as the introduction of a society where the police will be asking for identification every 5 minutes. An ID card, is not tghe harbinger of a society where we no longer trust each other and I do wonder how hard I'm going to have to hammer the point home before people realise it.

*I don't like swearing on my blog, take a look here if you don't get it.

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Anonymous said...

My sole purpose in writing the post originally was for the joke at the end (oh, and to point out that what Kezia claimed the reporter wrote was not actually what he wrote). Glad you took it in the spirit in which it was intended.

Best wishes