Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The thrifty Mr Cameron

Yesterday, David Cameron said that he didn't rule out the idea of raising taxes. It's been said that this will have angered some hardliners in the party, but as far as I can see the whole speech is part of what continues to be a work of PR manipulation.

The aim is to revive the ghost of Labour past, the idea that Labour are a fiscally irresponsible party. By suggesting that taxes may have to go up, he is implying that Labour are living beyond their means. This "no money left in the kitty" theme has been a continuing theme in his interviews, speeches and sound bytes.

The big danger with the current bleak economic outlook is that Dave's tactics stand a good chance of working. If he's successful he'll manage to pin much of the blame for the economic difficulties on the government.

As to the best way to fight the Smooth, Dark Lord. My view is that the government should be taking pains to point out exactly what he's doing. That should hopefully be enough to think things through a little more and get them treating Dave's remarks with a little more skepticism.

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