Friday, August 22, 2008

Count the If's

This latest data loss scandal, the prisoner's data stick is another storm in a teacup. It's the media giving undue priority to what actually a minor problem.

In order for the data to be misused, first the memory stick needs to be found, in addition the finder will have to be aware of what the data is. If they get this far they can set themselves up to sell the data top people seeking retribution against criminals. In order to do this they will need to have contacts, or find contacts among the private detective world in order to sell this information on.

So, IF the stick is found and IF the finder realises what it is and IF they then decide to try and sell it and IF they can then find an outlet for if THEN there is the possibility that it could cause problems.

Further to this, the main implication of this data loss is that it could be used for retribution, this I would suggest is a very small number of people. I would also suggest that those who would go as far as wanting retribution, then there are plenty of other sources to obtain this information and that the lost data would do little to make the job of finding someone any easier.

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