Friday, August 01, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

One of the few sensible things David Davis said shortly after he stepped down was that sometimes Westminster does seem to exist inside it's own little bubble of reality. At this time, I'm seriously noticing it. I'm not a bag carrier or a policy wond, I'm an outsider, someone who writes programming code for a living who also happens to support Labour.

The way I see it is this, David Milliband writes an article suggesting that Labour ought to be holding it's head high and laying into the Tories. Now I can understand how this could be setting out your stall for the leadership in the current climate of low poll ratings and bad by elections. Perhaps we'll get answers at the press conference.

The way I saw the press conference was that David said that the article was not intended to be the opening salvo in a leadership battle. The press seemed to think that because he did not rictually disembowell himself for his affront to the supreme leader that clearly it was a leadership bid. If that was the case, why did Milliband issue such a clear denial?

Fast forward and number 10 is apparently furious (so say "sources close to the Prime minister"), Marshall-Andrews is calling for Milliband's sacking, the world inside the Westminster bubble has gone mad and on the outside this activist is wondering what on earth is going on.

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Labour Matters said...

Media nonsense is what is going on, I'm afraid.

Here's a tale: One day I was invited to Downing Street to see Gordon Brown, the then Chancellor. The lead political story of the day was that Gordon wasn't talking to Ken Livingstone "ever again" (over a row about London Underground PFI).

So I arrive at No.11 to find Ken already inside. At that point I knew that the media write garbage and put it on their front pages too.

What was missed from the reporting of David Miliband was that No.10 issued a statement backing David. They repeated it yesterday too (and that has finally crept into the papers).

A storm in a teacup then.