Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sensible thoughts on housing...

Cliff D'Arcy at the Motley Fool reckons that messing around with Stamp Duty is akin to blowing into a storm and for that reason really a bit pointless, I'm tending to agree. Also worth noting is the that he discloses that he will gain from a housing price crash, I doubt his doom mongering will change anything, but I admire it on principle. Especially since none of the endless property porn shows and estate agent puff piece articles were ever as open.

An interview with Garvis Snook, scaffolders son turned property firm boss who criticises the way the building industry treats it's workers, arguing in favour of health and safety training, directly employing workers (rather than the more common self employed arrangement) and the rights that entails. He's also very critical of the trend towards property ownership arguing for more social housing (Cap Doff: Labour left forum)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your feedback, Andrea. Note that everyone bar those selling a house never to buy again (usually the elderly) and property investors will benefit from falling house prices!

Cliff D'Arcy