Friday, October 10, 2008

Let them go...

The financial system is in chaos the taxpayer is riding to the rescue and all of a sudden the idea that these city workers with their gigantic salaries and even bigger bonuses might be overpaid has moved from being the rantings of left wing, politics of envy madmen like me to commonly held popular opinion.

Despite the chaos, the city's PR machine appears to be in full on spin mode, here, for example. I can't believe the bloody cheek of these people! Not only are they suggesting that pay shouldn't be reined in, they're even saying that compared to equivelant workers in Asia they are underpaid.

Personally, I say, carry on, rein in the bonuses and if these people want to go, let them. I'm sure the financial firms of Asia will be falling over themselves to recruit all those people who did such a good job in London.

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