Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Inevitable "Yes We Can" Post

Not surprisingly, I'm really quite happy about the result of the US election and I'm really quite optimistic about the next few years of US politics. Some people might be a little down on cliche's, personally I think it heralds a new era of US politics, a true turning point in history, a shift in the ideological tetonic plates, a triumph of good versus evil and a tribute to one of the best run campaigns in the history of democratic politics.

I think it's also worth paying tribute to all those Labour bag carriers who crossed the pond to campaign for Obama and suggesting that this victory also vindicates many of the ideas contained within "The Political Brain".

To those already exercising their cynical muscles (Chicken Yoghurt comes to mind), I'd say disappointment is a fact of life in politics but I'd have taken a disappointing Al Gore government over a George W Bush without hesitation.

Finally, I very much liked this comment from mike over on the Chicken Yoghurt post.

i like the part where john mccain lost.

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