Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Lie That Should not Stand

One piece of propoganda the Tories like to put out is about the massive national debt we have as a result of Gordon Brown's irresponsible spending. This is wrong, the Tories are lying.

In a list of the countries with the largest national debt, Britain does not feature in the top 10, it does not even make the top 20. Britain is 50th*, behind many other nations. What is worrying is that so many people seem to believe the Tories lies, this is something we quite simply should not leave unchallenged.

* I realise that some people may want to bring up PFI, Network rail and Public Sector pensions so... PFI and Network Rail between them are only around 2-3% points between them, this is around 10 places in the rankings. Public sector pension deficits are a universal problem and not especially relevant .

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