Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joining Compass

Last night, I went to the launch of Norwich Compass, it was quite an impressive turnout, a lot of young people as well which is something your don't see that often outside of London. Lots of good discussion and a few people trying to push a more socialist agenda (Andreas has a copy of Socialist Appeal). I said my own little piece which I thought was a little panicky and incoherent, but other people said they liked.

I did sneak in the phrase "Tyranny of the Sensible" which Zoe Gannon said she'll be nicking, although to be fair I did credit Tom Miller as the first person to use it (Tom, if your reading this, it's a great soundbite and one well worth using lots & lots). All in all, a good little evening and enough to get me to part with my cash and join Compass. I'll also be adding Jonathan Clark, who organised the thing to the blogroll, I do hope he can find the time to blog again.

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Miller 2.0 said...

Haha, thanks a lot, that's the second phrase I've contributed in the last couple of weeks, the first being 'radical democrat'.

Great to hear you're getting involved.

Wondered if I could have a brief chat with you about some local stuff, chuck me an email?