Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Linkage

Not been blogging much recently and I'm fresh from the strains of canvassing in the Bowthorpe by-election and having encountered more a few more unfriendly faces than I'd have liked (the folks in West Earlham yesterday were great, apart from the one who said "sod off socialist") I've decided that that internet amusment is the way to go, so, may I present:

  • A Daily Mail article about fruity young Chloe Madeley including amusing use of quotes around the words "chills out" and "weed". In classic Daily Mail style it features lots of photo's of the lady in revealing outfits in order for their readers to fully understand the level of her debauchery (she looks rather nice in the glowing sphere thing).

  • A kind of disjointed article by James Quinn on Financial Sense, I don't agree with all of it, but it has a good few statistics and makes good use of the Robert Schiller graph.

  • It would be nice if that Gordon Brown could inject a little more life and personality into his articles.

  • Bob Piper points out that the man teh Daily Mail name as "Labour's Bin Baron" is in fact a Tory Council leader.

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