Monday, March 09, 2009

International Womens Day

Today is International Womens Day, and despite the occasional person thinking that I'm a girl called Andrea, that is, I'm afraid, not the case. I am a red blooded male as my previous testosterone fuelled clarksonist post may have indicated. Nevertheless I'd like to post in support for my sister comrades.

There is in fact an International Men's Day although some might argue that getting to spend our time running the worlds governments and corporations does render such an occasion redundant.

Labourlist is full of posts from some lovely leftwing ladies and Comrade Smith has stolen ehe Twitter feed from Derek Draper, it's rather entertaining and has pointed me in the direction of the quite interesting Labour Women blog.

Finally, I'd like to suggest that the person on this thread going by the name of Stewart Cowan is a sexist pig, I'll have to dig out the quote later, as for now ReasonablyNiceCorp's swear filter won't allow it.

Update: The quotes
Feminists try and depict the indispensable role of patriarch as being misogynistic.

By contravening the natural order of things, of course you will wreak havoc. And the natural order is for a man and a woman to marry, children are added to the family and the process continues.

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Stewart Cowan said...

I am hardly a 'sexist pig' as I said that feminism was invented by men.

Feminism weakens women by making them less feminine. Supporters of feminism are sexist without realising it.

I suggest you read the appropriate articles on