Monday, March 16, 2009

On Free Trade..

Over on the Times website is a piece on free trade by Peter Mandelson. Now, I suppose I could make a straw man argument out of it and knock it down, instead I'll say this:

Trade between nations is undoubedly important and worthwhile, I have no doubt that much of the world's prosperity is due to it's expansion. Where I take issue is with the word "free" which could in a sense be translated as "unrestricted". If you pursue a policy of unrestricted trade then the production of every good and every service in this country will be dictated by commercial, not political priorities.

Some people may believe that commercial priorities will ultimately deliver better results, I do not. I believe that commercial priorities ignore the many social concerns external to the crude calculations they make and untamed by politics deliver neither the growth or the better society they promise.

That is all.

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