Friday, March 20, 2009

Top Talent

I'm really amazed at how much stock people put in the idea of "Top Talent". For example this chap seems to think that Obama's 90% bonus tax (basically any bonuses paid to an exec at a company receiving a bailout will be taxed at 90%) will have the top talent leaving for firms not taxed in this way.

Personally, far from being rare individuals posessed of greatness I reckon most of these guys (plus the occasional gal) are dime a dozen. Far from seeing vast differences in performance between those companies that recruit the "top talent" and those who lose them, I reckon that performance differences will be pretty modest.

I'd like to hope that that this breaks the spell that's hung over society for many years that these people are worth their rewards and to object is nothing more than politics of envy. Can't say I'm hugely hopeful though.

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