Sunday, March 22, 2009

When the Mail on Sunday says "Jump".. in this example here, you don't say "How High?"

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the rules on MP's expenses, they should not be decided by a tabloid newspaper.

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Dan Lacey said...

yes, but whatever anyone might thing of the Mail and its political / ideological stance, it has exposed a glaring problem with how the system can be abused. And frankly, regardless of whether these people are labour or conservative or liberal democrat, (or a paper is 'rightwing' or 'leftwing' you would think that a 'standard' exists that they dont abuse the system - it used to that we had an idea of principle (did it ever exist?) now we live by capitalsim, which forgets principles and embraces (ironically) selfishness - to the extent that we live in a 'grab what we can' society - 'everyone does it so why not me?' the people in power are as morally corrupt as the people they think they 'rule' over - its time that legislation governing "them" is as equal as it has been for "us" for hundreds of years.