Thursday, April 09, 2009

Once upon a time..

Being an MP was a presitgous job, it had a few perks that, it could be argued reflected the status of the job as a lawmaker. It provided a generous wage, not so generous as to allow a person to become independently wealthy, but generous enough to ensure a good standard of living. It also provided a number of expenses to allow a member to maintain an office and staff as well as a second home. Since the cost of all this was approximately 0.1% of the total tax take, no one really questioned the allocation of such a small amount to the essential business of governance of the country.

Then along came the unaccountable scoundrels of the fourth estate, they shone the spotlight on parliament and declared these mildly generous conditions an affront to the people of the country, they whipped up rage with their distortions and judgements and all of a sudden nothing was more important than the way this tiny proportion of tax revenue was spent.

And the politicians, did they ask: How is it these unscrupulous, unaccountable news grocers can get away with all this? Why should they be the ultimate judges of right and wrong?

Not at all, they rolled over and did the media's bidding, proving once again that it's media not the politicians who call the shots in this country.

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