Friday, May 22, 2009

A Brief Defense of Anthony Steen

It has to be said of course, that his comments were incredibly arrogant and indicated that he is not just out of touch, but living on a completely different planet to the rest of the electorate. It should probably also be said that it is a PR disaster for David Cameron (although I don't mind that bit so much).

What I will say though is that it's more than a little unfair that some newspapers have chosen to show pictures of the Balmoral with captions along the lines of "this is a house that looks a bit like his" rather than display pictures of the actual house, which isn't quite as grandiose.

On a slightly related note, Hopi's LOL expenses post is ace.

Edit: Corrected title Anthony Steen, not actually being a Sir and everything


sjformstone said...

Mr Steen may be alot of things but a Sir he is not!

Andreas Paterson said...

Oops, my mistake, has now been corrected.