Friday, August 14, 2009

We Built the Damn Bandwagon

It goes like this, the new president of the US is trying to push through healthcare reforms. Cue inevitable comparisons with other countries. Britain's NHS enters the mix and soon we get the Republican punditry saying some remarkably ignorant things about Stephen Hawking, add a little Sarah Palin and soon enough we have a recipe for a backlash.

The backlash comes, courtesy of Twitter and soon we get lots and lots of people are saying how much they love the NHS, how terrible they think Daniel Hannan is and such (a view I share wholeheartedly). Then, a few Labour party figures join in and all of a sudden some individuals start saying "Keep your Hands Off, Labour!" or "You're killing off people power!"

Why the hell shouldn't Labour be jumping on this particular bandwagon? We only created it in the first place and have commited ourselves to improving it. There are plenty of reasons to winge, but it would be nice if for once, people could take a look at the NHS and give Labour a little credit where it's due.

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