Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Support of the Postal Strike

I'd just to say briefly that I fully support the strike actions of the postal workers today and tomorrow for one very simple reason. I don't want to see a world where reasonable working conditionas, job security and a safe retirement are considered an unreasonable thing to ask for.


LabourLabourLabourOUTOUTOUT said...

But, but -- how are people supposed to receive their precious ID cards, the same ID cards JacquiBoots Buttplug-Smythe assured us (before she was fired in disgrace, LOL!) the grateful populace were absolutely gagging for, if there's a postal strike?!

Oh, whoops, that's right, I forgot --

1) Recent polls reveal that a majority of UK citizens DON'T WANT ID CARDS.

2) Labour is SEVENTEEN POINTS BEHIND in the polls and the next Conservative government will SCRAP THE WHOLE BLEEDIN' ID SCHEME.

Problem solved!!! :-D

Andreas Paterson said...

Err.. we won't actualy need the post because were no longer introducing the actual ID card.

george said...

what a loade of crap there all just stupid there are many people out there who could do with that mony i reaco they should sack all the people that went on strike