Sunday, October 04, 2009

In Support of Tim Ireland

In the last few days, I've been at the Labour Party conference and just have not found the time to blog at all. I'd like to write something about my conference experiences at some point, however, I'd like to kick things back off with a defense of Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads. I'll be backing it up to a letter to Charles Clarke (my MP).

So, first the background. A while back a few post appeared on the online internet community of a suspicous nature, they looked as if they were intented to stir up trouble and to goad some of the contributors into expressing extremist viewpoints. Tim documents it here, but long story short, none of the contributors took the bait. However, a nasty story about the message board did make it into a story in the Sun about British Jews who were the target of Muslim Extremism.

At this point, let me just introduce Tony Woodley to just show precisely what I think of The Sun more generally:

The story was fabricated, the web postings that fueled this stories were made by Glen Jenvey, who was also responsible for passing the story to the Sun. The story was a complete fabrication. Further to this the individuals behind this were part of a network who had for a long time been feeding stories to the press of dubious quality (more here). This network also had an involvement with Patick Mercer MP (the former Conservative Shadow Homeland Security minister). All of this is exposed here in this story.

It was Tim's detailed investigative work and blogging that brought this story to light, and it's damn good that he did. He exposed that a major british newspaper and a leading politician were being led astray by these people. The idea that group of fabricators can get themselves into a postition where they could influence government policy is truly shocking.

Anyway, as a result of all this has taken a lot of flak, his repeated questioning has had him labelled a "stalker" (NOTE: People who repeatedly ask awkward questions about a person's use of political influence are called "Journalists"). He's also been the victim of some vicious internet rumours, taken a lot of abuse and even had people posting his home address online.

Now, it's hard to deal with the unkown rumour mongers, Patrick Mercer MP however is a different matter and can be held to account for his conduct in this matter so I'd like to finish off by adding my support for Tim and suggesting that people join in Tim's campaign on this subject.

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree, Patrick Mercer ought to be held to account for his unacceptable conduct but that is not going to happen.

I’m afraid Mercer is just about shatterproof and unyielding and he is supported by his upper echelons friends in the Tory Party.

I think the man is a liar and a hypocrite he denounce the former MP for Newark for allegedly snubbing her constituents and became about the worse snubbing MP Newark has known.

He and his staff need the order of the boot but that is not going to happen because Newark is a Tory town