Friday, October 02, 2009

Telling the Truth is not a Smear

This post from Iain Dale really brought on the red mist for me. What David Milliband said was not a smear, it was the truth. The Conservatives have joined a coalition of parties in europe that includes the Latvian "Fatherland and Freedom" party does hold an annual march parade for veterans of the Latvian SS and while it may be true that those marching did not participate in the atrocities,their membership of it should be a badge of shame, not a cause for celebration.

A political coalition is about shared values, there may be some disagreements over minor issues, but this is not one of those. Eric Pickles may have fought antisemetism in the past, but right now his party believes it shares common values with a party that celebrates one of the worst crimes in human history. Saying this is not a smear, it is simply stating a pure, simple fact.

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