Monday, November 23, 2009

A Good Blogpost by Someone Else a substitute for any original posting by me. I'm not the biggest fan of Harrys Place, but this post on the 1970's is a must read. I was only alive for a few short months of that decade so don't recall much but I've heard the horror stories.

It's interesting to read a few counterarguments such as this.
But in reality much of this was media hysteria. Union denials that they were preventing vital operations were ignored and met by ‘headlines such as: WHAT RIGHT HAVE THEY GOT TO PLAY GOD WITH MY LIFE?’ whilst Liverpool’ s chief medical officer Duncan Bolton wrote later that headlines in the Sun and Telegraph such as ‘Bodies May Be Buried at Sea’were in response to him actually saying that would be the possible solution – if the had dispute stretched on for months and months. (in fact there were more unburied bodies in Liverpool during a 1987 strike than in the strike of 1979, which, as few people now remember, was called off within days.)
and this...

Derek Jameson, then editor of the staunchly Conservative Daily Express, recalled in his memoirs:

“We pulled every trick in the book We made it look like it was universal and eternal when it was in reality scattered, here and there, and no great problem’

It's good to know that the reality of the 1970s is a good deal different to that we often hear portrayed by the right.

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