Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Should Labour facilitate a progressive reengagement by implementing a philosophy of pragmatic rediscovery?

The title of this post, in case you're wondering is based on my idea for a Fabian essay title generator. I've chosen it in celebration of this Guardian piece by Tessa Jowell on adapting the mutual model for public services. I'm not necessarily against it, it's just that the whole idea seems to have been taken from some kind of politician's guide to gimmicky policy announcements.

It's a simple enough process..

Stage 1 is to take an idea that is universally acceptable to everyone (like co-ops, mutuals, the voluntary sector,local democracy or Google for example).

Stage 2 involves the publishing of an article about said idea filled with management speak by a major government figure in a major newspaper. This article will explain how this new idea can be used to form a model that will transform public services.
Indeed, can we really expect citizens to take on greater responsibility for their own health, learning, and environmental impact, if public services fail to give them the right to shape the ways in which they deliver them? We can. By bringing users, employees, and others together as mutual members of the provider organisation we can successfully get to grips with the supply side of public service.
..let us give brief thanks that the article did not contain the word "stakeholders"..

The Final Stage is for the same politician to deliver a lecture. This lecure must have a title in the form of a question and ideally contain words such as: agenda, reform, progressive, pragmatic and so on.
Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP is delivering the Progress lecture, The Mutual Moment: How Progressives Can Capture the Ownership Agenda
And so it is complete..

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