Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 Predictions

I've not done predictions before, but apparently they're all the rage on the blogosphere, so I'll have an attempt.

1) Charles Clarke will retain his Norwich South seat, his majority will very thin (around 1,000) and all political opponents (Green, Lib Dem and Tory) will be close behind.

2) John Cook will win Norwich North for Labour

3) We will see a hung parliament at the next election

4) The price of gold will remain roughly unchanged

5) Gilt yields will rise as quantitative easing is withdrawn but will remain at low levels

6) House prices will fall slightly as tougher regulations come into play

7) CPI Inflation will rise above the governments target, but signifigantly so

8) The economy will recover more quickly than expected

9) Talk about China's exchange rates will hot up, possibly leading to some serious trade related confrontations between the US and China.

10) I will be a better windsurfer

1 comment:

Paul said...

Hope you are right about 1 & 2