Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Few Words on Rod Liddle and the Independent

The folks over at libcon have been running a bit of a campaign against the idea of Rod Liddle as the editor of the Independent, the latest is an attempt to raise money for an ad in the Independent itself. I was being a bit of a spoilsport on Twitter about it so I thought I'd make my views a bit clearer.

So, first I have to say that given his numerous offensive comments and the like, Rod Liddle as a columnist comes across as a bit of a twat, more than just a bit actually. The thing is, much as I don't like what he writes I can't really say that is really enough to stir up the idea that Rod Liddle absolutely must not get the job.

His writing seems to have almost descended into some kind of wierd self parody to the point it's hard to tell what he actually believes. I also have to say that when he was editor of The Today Programme, I didn't really catch much of Rod Liddle the immense tosser.

I don't particularly like the guy, but I just can't bring myself to hate him enough start actively campaigning against his editorship.


paul bassett davies said...

This is part of a broader issue about free speech and censorship. Rod Liddle is at least partly, and at least part of the time, a pillock. So are most of us. True, we're not all being offered editorship of a daily newspaper. But in these times, the defence and practice of free speech trumps everything. Our civil liberties are being eroded, and so are are cultural liberties. It's not about encouraging writers (or anyone else) to insult people gratuitously but they have to be able to if they want to - even gratuitously. That's the price of the free speech: you have to put up with idiots (or worse) having the same rights as you do. This is a big, hot topic. For example, the recent Irish blasphemy laws. I expect you're up to speed, but check the link on my blog:

Dirty Euro said...

I utterly hate Rod Liddle he said in his spectator article that he thinks bullying is OK. Yet he goes on about black people all the time about how they do tonnes of muggings.
So how can he construe his points the muggings are wrong but that bullying is OK.
Or is is only when black people do it he gets upset.
He is an evil bullying thug.
He is a boring skeleton maggot creature.