Friday, March 05, 2010

Stuff* Happens

I was really wound up by this particular tweet by @TimMontgomerie (he of ConservativeHome fame).

He points to this Wall Street Journal article pointing out that some Hatian entepreneurs have lost out as a result of the aid operations undermining their businesses. I don't object in any major way to the article, I'm sure it's correct in what it's saying, what winds me up is Tim's judgemental "Will we ever learn?" remark and the implication that somehow we shouldn't really be conducting these kind's of aid operations.

I've never planned an emergency relief operation in a disaster prone country myself but I would guess that the initial information that planners had to work with was pretty sketchy, the details of the worst hit areas where aid was most needed were few and far between and the initial planning had to be done in pretty short order.

Given the incredible difficulty of the task, is it really too much to ask that we simply accept that thing's won't be perfect and deal with problems as they arise rather than immediately allocating blame.

*I'm trying to avoid swearing

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