Monday, April 19, 2010

I Swear I'm not Making this Up...

..but when I was out delivering leaflets in my local area I met two old Ladies sat out in their front gardens, one had a Green poster in her window. Steeling myself for the expected verbal earbashing I gathered my nerves and asked the first lady if she'd like a Labour leaflet. She very kindly accepted. I then approached the lady with the Green poster, as this happened, the neigboour came over and a little banter began.

Lady #1 explained how she was really pleased with everything she got from the government. She talked about her pension credits and the heating assistance (includeing the extra payments she'd received for the long winter) and concluded that overall, this government had been very generous to the elderly. She then launched a swipe at the Greens, pointing out that a lot of the "promises" in their leaflet were things that this government already does.

What followed was some incredibly pleasant discussion about politics with one lady certain and the other highly likely to vote Labour, I thanked them and moved on.

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