Monday, May 24, 2010

Rewriting Economic History

I'm really getting pissed off at the Tories endless annoncements that seem to be rewriting recent economic history. As well as spouting all kinds of silly press releases about "Labour's scorched earth tactics" and highlighting the fact that minister's went against the recommendations of their civil servants. They aslo seem to be having a right old go at recent spending plans, and patronisingly lecturing us on how you should run a surplus in a good years (funny how all of a sudden everyone has suddenly picked up the ability to perfectly predict economic cycles and pinpoint exactly the next crash is going to occur).

Let me show you a graph:

See the way those dips in the deficit follow the dips in the economy? That shows what happens in recessions, the deficit increases. What about that tuny little dip that appears just before the almighty one for the recent recession? That would be what the Tories are now deeming LABOUR'S MASSIVE AND WHOLLY IRRESPONSIBLE SPENDING!

That's it, that tiny little bump there is the supposed irresponsible legacy that we have left the new government, for got's sake, you can even see how we were moving to bring it under control. So, coalition people, if you really must make awful accusations about us, at least do the sums first.

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