Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Quick Note on Big Society

There are some who say that David Cameron's Big Society is a tremendous opportunity for Labour, that we can't afford to simply dismiss it. Personally I have a big concern that Cameron wan't society to pick up the government's slack out of necessity. I think it might look a little something like this (with thanks to Shuggy)
And if it's too small? America I have been to. The reverse is the case: private opulence, public squalor. My sister lived in California for five years. America's richest state had the parents of publicly educated children exerting themselves in various fund-raising activities because their local schools couldn't afford to employ PE teachers.
I just don't like the idea of society taking up the slack in this way, some might think like the idea of parent's participating in this way, personally I think it should be an option, not a necessity.

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