Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Big Society Credit Card

If you haven't yet read Duncan's False Economy piece about how Osborne's plan have a read, it really is very good. Here's a snippet:
Back in June last year, before Osborne’s policy changes, the OBR forecast (pdf) that public sector net debt (government debt) would be £1,294bn in 2013/14. After two budgets and a spending review they have revised that (pdf) to £1,251bn – a reduction of only £43bn.

Change in debt by 2013 under Osborne's plansHere we can clearly see the impact of Osborne’s changes over the next three years: public debt down by £43bn BUT private household debt up by £245bn – five times as much

So, we'll still be picking up debt it's just that instead of it being the government's debt, it'll all be our own private debt. I herby call dibs on the term Big Society Credit Card.

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