Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to do a Hatchet Job on Ed Miliband

Step 1: Find transcript of Ed Miliband speech intended for a politically astute audience, the Fabian Society is always a good one.

Step 2: Locate a suitable passage from said speech that uses obscure political language, strange buzzwords or similar.

Step 3: Take said speech snippet and place in an article as evidence of why Ed is clearly out of touch with the ordinary people of this country.

Extra marks will be given for explanations of why the latest poll showing 99% of people wanting Ed Miliband as Supreme Emperor of the universe clearly indicate that his leadership is in trouble.

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Tom Powdrill said...

If you're in part talking about Dan Hodges' latest, it's worth noting that "Market economy not a market society" was a phrase also used by a certain T Blair.